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Jeannine Gury, Certified Coach

Jeannine Gury, Certified Coach

Creating Paths

I am one of those individuals who digs deep, questions, challenges, and uses opportunities borne of listening, risk-taking and making mistakes to embrace the possibilities that exist within life's journey. 

I began as a competitive swimmer who fell in love with breaststroke and made it mine.  It was a place that gave me grounding in turbulent times with the help of a couple of amazing coaches.  I was an athlete who was moved by the deeper places inside, finding both beauty and peace in swimming fast.  My passion, dreaming and coming to terms with my own strengths and challenges enabled me to set goals and achieve them as a national level swimmer and an Olympic Trials qualifier. 

In the world of career, I began in the dreaminess of a college grad directed by the passionate desire to figure out what making a positive difference in the world could mean.  I began as a political organizer in issue politics, explored the sports world as an executive recruiter and then entered the business world through my MBA in Organizational Behavior working at Ernst & Young LLP, and finally realized my own path as an entrepreneur.  My personal path toward finding that answer came ultimately down to determining where my strengths and gifts lay inside and how my greatest joy could intersect the world’s pain to create healing and a world of hope and possibility.  

In the realm of family and in the midst of a career, I married a wonderful man who can write beautiful poetry (someday hopefully he will move it to the foreground!), yet who also has a passion for education.  We have three children who have completely deepened how we both see and interact in the world.  I am grateful for their existence each day and look forward to each adventure we have.