About Jeannine

Putting on the Oxygen Mask

You may be familiar with the airline safety speech that reminds passengers to “Put your oxygen mask on first and then offer assistance.”

This is such an apt metaphor for life, even more applicable in the day-to-day journey of our lives. Before being there for all of the others in your life – family, friends, colleagues – it is critical to find the energy to dream and scheme your own life into action!

You see, this has NOTHING to do with the incorrect assumption of being selfish; rather, it has absolutely everything to do with being alive, awake, and present in the world.

My Story 

After the death of my mom at a young age, water became my oxygen mask. Through the ocean and the pool, water became a place of grounding as well as a place to grow a passion in the sport of swimming.  As I grew up, my dreams expanded, and I claimed Olympic Trials. Swimming became the place where I created dreams and felt beauty, energy, and alignment in action.

That same passionate energy has continued to course through me as I have moved from the world of issue politics, into sports recruiting, business consulting, and finally into my own venture of entrepreneurship.

Every step of my journey has tapped into my desire to energize others to live into their own passions and actively step forward to find their voice. And each of these avenues has provided me with the opportunity to coach, consult, and guide others through the reality of change.

My passionate energy turned personal when my husband and I chose to have children—three amazing children who, in their beauty, catch my breath every day. They have completely deepened how we both see and interact in the world. I am grateful for their existence each day and look forward to every adventure we have.

In my personal, family, and professional lives, I always come back to the importance of putting on my oxygen mask first. This enables me to give—to my husband, my children, and all of you who I am blessed to coach—the most and best energy that I have, in order to help you find your passions, balance, and ultimately, the celebration of your life!!

Ultimately, my personal path is about focusing my energy, strengths, and gifts into empowering others to do the same. It is about healing the pain, claiming the joy, and creating a world of hope and possibility!

I look forward to helping you find your oxygen mask, name and claim your passions, create your schemes, and celebrate all of the life you want to live!!

With Passionate Energy and Love
(and breathing with an oxygen mask on!)

Jeannine Gury,
Career Discovery and Life Transitions Coach

My Goal as a Coach is to Help You: 

Find out who you are and what you need
Name and claim your passions
Listen for your own path
And find the proper alignment on the constantly moving river of life