Falling Short?

Been there.  Done that.  The frenzied action, I mean.  How about you?  Honestly, it really doesn't matter if it is the frenzied action of an engaging work project, or the organizing of a family holiday event.  The outcome can fall a bit short and I am tipping toward exhaustion rather than being energized.  I seem to re-learn this one a bit.   My life without stillness, simply frays.  And, yet.  Each time, I reground myself a little easier, smile a little more, even laugh when I recognize the walk.  Life works when stillness is one of those "rocks" in the jar rather than the sand filling in.  

How's stillness finding its way into your life?  Try it.  Play with it!  Begin in a way that fits you.  Perhaps it's with a cup of tea sitting in your backyard.  Perhaps it's getting up early, and feeling the celebration of oxygen entering and exiting your body.  Create space and listen in to yourself.  As you enter greater stillness in your life, you may be surprised by what you will find.