Letting Go

There's something to be said about stillness...it sucks!  No really.  It can simply be, well, painful!  When busyness has had your number for as long as it has had mine (and trust me, I am the Queen of Busyness!), stillness doesn't come so easily.  

I had made it to the point where I could feel that something was needed in my life.  Adding things wasn't going to do the trick, at least anymore.  I will admit to playing around with meditation, but there was pretty much "rush-hour" going on inside my head.  There was also a deep sense of exhaustion that needed to be addressed.  The crazy thing was, Getting to Nothing began with letting go.  

One early spring morning, I simply grabbed a cup of tea and sat on my back patio.  That morning happened to be exquisite, or at least what remains in my memory.  Of course, the birds had begun their musical calls to one another and the squirrels were scampering around the tree trunks, but what pulled me in was watching the tree branches play in the wind.  Their movement was like watching an intricate dance as the wind gently began with one grouping, moving gracefully onto the next and then ending with a crescendo of movement with yet another collection of branches.  That was my release.  It was a falling into nothing.  As I type these words, I find that the emotion of that moment still catches me.  It was as if I had become hypnotized by the Universe through the movement of the trees.  It was both the inhale and the exhale in rhythm and balance.  I knew then that stillness was not only possible but a gift to myself.  

Is it always like that?  No.  Yet I have found that that is ok.  It is exactly how it is meant to be in that moment.  That is the letting go.  The stillness takes me by the hand and leads me in.  Try it.  It is there for you, too.