The D-Word

Aren't we funny?  Especially when it comes to the d-word, DESIRE!  It's as if it is bad to have them...desires, I mean.  Or, if I might actually have some, I should push them down, keep them quiet, whatever.  Why?  Well, a novel could be filled at this point with the vulnerability that it creates, the risks it might demand or the failure that it might bring.  And yet, it is through desire that we find ourselves, our direction, our energy, our celebration of being alive.  Our deeper voice is always speaking to us, grounded from a place of love, moving with the energy and direction of desire.

Give yourself permission to play!  Begin by listening.  And, when the possibilities come, allow for space to recognize that your safety barriers will be up.  We've all been through the societal training that are, in Martha Beck's words, "feasible, logical and politically correct."  Look for what has emotional weight ...for you.  Let the longing grow.  It begins to move each of us on our path, our journey.  While a specific desire may initially seem to be "The One", it may also be a clue to something deeper.  As we each listen and play, we will begin to notice the difference between true desires and false ones.  This listening becomes like a key turning in a lock.  It is in that movement that you will know there is no turning back...the saying yes to the question that has always been yours to answer.

This "yours" is from that deeper place inside.  It is quiet there and can be easily overlooked, missed for the noise above.  It calls to you.  Take your step forward and listen.  Feel for the energy, for the play.  Listen.  Step. Play.  This is where your life is.