Beating Just A Little Faster...

Tell me.  What have you created today?  Have your stopped to think about it?  When you woke up this morning and perhaps saw your lover, what did you do?  When you typed your first text, sent your first email, engaged in your first conversation, what words did you choose, gestures did you make?  

Each time we make a choice from the breakfast we eat, to the route we drive to work, to the tone we take with a colleague, a friend or a family member, we create in this world-both in the making of it and ourselves.  WOW!  

Opening to the reality of the impact that we have each day can be both empowering in the awareness of our choices and difficult in that we can't shift blame in our lives.  Accepting that we are responsible for much of our lives allows us to truly claim our creative power. 

No.  This isn't easy.  And yet.  Doesn't this possibility--living an awakened life--let your heart beat just a little faster?