Take A Step Forward

I don't know about you, but I occasionally let fear be a trickster with me.  Sometimes it slips inside like a thief in the night and other times, it seems to come right up and rob me blind.  What is that about?!?  For me, it is the difference in struggling with the thought that I shouldn't be scared of something (and not allowing myself to recognize that) and the other, simply not claiming fear for what it is...information that an opportunity exists to push my personal boundaries of where joy can exist in my life.  

Fear exists to keep us safe.  Yet in the 21st century, fear can be a little overzealous as it misinterprets an opportunity to be gained in working through a new project, engaging in a relationship with a new colleague or learning how to play the piano.  Getting present with the reality standing in front of you offers an opportunity to see it for what it is...a new project, a new relationship or a new skill.  Yes, it demands putting ourselves out there-taking a risk.  But what of the reward?  Well, you won't know unless you step into it.  The reward?  The opportunities are endless...a stretching of what is possible, a learning of where you can grow further, a listening to a better direction, or a celebration of new territory found both inside of you as well as in the world, to name a few.

What does your fear look like?  What can it offer you? What new territory might you claim for yourself?  Take a step forward...the possibilities are...Yours.