The Stickiness of Treats

What a great time to talk about TREATS!  Thank GOD for November and December!  Yes, Yes, they are busy with additional to-do items...but they are the things/events/activities you chose, didn't you?!?  This period is an opportunity to indulge on treats in so many ways and THAT IS GOOD!!  This is the time of both reaching in to the pleasures of the child inside, giving space for his or her creativity, wonder and outright fun while reaching out to others in connection, giving and gratitude within this amazing gift called Life.

Treats are what you give to yourself to enable the behaviors you want to...STICK!  (Yes-the answer to your New Year's Resolutions!)  I am talking about the everyday LOVE you give to yourself.  This is driven by the desire of your senses...the beauty of sight, the fragrance of scents, the music of listening, the embrace of touch and the deliciousness of taste.  It can even go so far as taking your virtues and flipping on their head to a vice for a moment.  An example, for those who are punctual, lying in bed for an extra 30 minutes enjoying peace and the enjoyment of just being before the busyness begins!  This allows your virtue to be a little more fun to sustain while opening the door to additional creativity, energy and opportunity.

Treats are motivators.  They give short-term gratification to continue your forward movement. To do this, your minimum is 3 times a day!  And yes, two just for being alive and one focused on the celebration of your daily risk taken to push your comfort zone just a little further as you move toward your joy.  If time gets tight, combine a treat with an activity.  If you are taking the train to work, then read a favorite novel.  If you are driving carpool, then put on YOUR music or favorite podcast!

Treats fill up the tank of your body, especially if the destination is your joy-filled life!  Truth-telling and risk-taking are treasures to be sure, but you reside in a physical body that you must honor as well.  Treats given to yourself open you to the beauty of life in a way that allows you to trust that it really is beautiful.  In the trust that grows inside, you blossom to a calling in the world that manifests in love that only you in your unique person can offer.  Try it and see what happens.