4 Helpful Tips for Practicing Stillness

Source: Flickr

Source: Flickr

Stillness must be THE MOST DIFFICULT ACTIVITY ON THE PLANET!  A bit dramatic, but at least you get my point and, perhaps, where I began.  I would say this has been an on-and-off battle for well, along time.  It simply felt uncomfortable and sometimes boring and, it certainly didn’t live into my fantasy of the peaceful rising into my desired state of nirvana!

Hopefully you are having a good chuckle at my expense, because I certainly do!  We all begin somewhere!  Has my experience changed in the on-again/off-again relationship?  Humbly, I offer a yes.  I am walking the long road, but it was never meant to be a sprint.

I have found a little more patience, a little more laughter at myself, a little more acceptance.   And, it is also sometimes boring  (especially when fears creep in desiring to hold me tight) and can get physically achy (especially when I am tired and I recognize that I hadn’t been listening to myself along the way.)  But what I have come to lean into is that it is my journey.  It is beautiful carrying a slice of peace as I roll through the turmoil and busyness of each day. 

So, what helped, and what continues to help?  Here are a few tips from the Forever Beginner…

  • Give yourself permission to start where you want to start.  Perhaps stillness looks like a cup of tea, or the watching of the tree branches moving in the wind, or a walk in the silence of the falling snow.
  • Let it be what it is in all of its awkward beauty.  It won’t seem so beautiful at first, but as you get to know it by just being present in the stillness, the love for, well, yourself will grow.
  • Forgive yourself when you “fail” (whatever you have made that mean) and look a little deeper to see what gift might be waiting in that place to open.
  • Claim a discipline of time, both the amount to begin your stillness as well as the time on the calendar to hold as sacrosanct.  You are worth it.  (And offer forgiveness when you blow it, because you will, and you will re-enter again with even greater humility, laughter and understanding.)

Enjoy walking this journey.  Because, the beautiful part is, you are walking deeper into yourself just in the act of being.  Presence offers an amazing satisfaction that quenches the deepest of thirsts. 

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