5 Bad Habits You Need To Quit In Order To Claim Your Joy

Source: Flickr

Source: Flickr

While this isn’t “hide-and-go-seek” per say, your own personal rendition seems to be playing quite nicely in your life…you hiding from the very life you are seeking--a life standing firm in joy. Imagine that!  Check yourself to see if any of these resonate…

#1.  When you pause for a half second (forcibly for a bathroom break) you feel exhausted from head to toe, but the list is so long that well, you will look for a slow down period sometime next month!  In a moment of midnight honesty, it is feels like you are slipping down a drain with no way up. Join my Career Joy Journey to learn how to capture the time, your time, right now.

#2.  If you were to stop and examine where you mentally spend much of your day, you find that it is spent thinking about the “What if’s”, the “Shoulds”, the “If Only’s” and any other fear, hope and fantasy that crosses your path (which is, on average, every few minutes.)  It feels comfortable, but it comes with a numbing sensation and empty feeling that you don’t quite understand. 

#3.  Any time you start to want something…you know, really ache for it, voices surge in screaming quite loudly that “you’ll never get it, so why try?!?” or “You are just being selfish” or better  yet, “You are simply not good enough!”  Each voice keeps you safely tucked in tight, but can you breathe? I can teach you how to silence this voice. Better yet, how to hear it, but hold it separate from yourself while you embrace your joy.

#4.   The blaming of your mom, your dad, your older brother, your younger sister, even the mail carrier coming in the morning rather than the afternoon feels much more comfortable and safe than the possibility of accepting responsibility and opening you into your own creative power.

#5.    You are absolutely clear that 2016 will be the year of moving forward with your big idea, as soon as you get a little more financial security under your belt.  That said, you have been saying it for the past five years and you never seem to get any closer…let 2015 be the year you make the change. Let me help you claim your joy, in your life and career in 2015!

All these reasons…no, let’s be honest, bad habits must be faced to claim your joy.  These five habits hold you back from playing in the worlds of stillness, truth, desire, creativity and risk.  Yet each of these worlds is a natural human state of play deeply desired for your growth and development.  Open the door to yourself by stepping into yourself.  You will find that JOY has been there all along! If you're ready to take the first step toward becoming the you - that you're supposed to be, click here to join my Career Joy Journey - and learn how to quit these bad habits and start living the life you want.

Need Help Shedding Bad Habits? We're starting the Career Joy Journey: A Course On Claiming Your Path With Eyes Wide Open beginning January 26, 2015. 

As we embrace the New Year, we create the opportunity to open to our deeper self, claim the mosaic of our life and discover our journey to joy.  While those ideas seem quite lofty and maybe overwhelming or untouchable in the everydayness of life, why should our journey be anything less!?!

This journey is the finding of your joy as you learn to ground yourself in your deeper beauty of yourself that can enable forward movement.  Come, dive in and play for 6 weeks! You and a small group of women will discover their journey to joy in the “career” of their life.  Career, in its broadest sense, is the course of action a person takes over a lifetime.  Tapping into your joy enables the process of opening yourself to this much bigger, deeper place of career.