Play is how we claim our success.  We are each born with the ability to play.  It is our inventiveness, our curiosity, our ability to problem-solve grounded beautifully in our humanness. It simply doesn't get any more amazing than that!  Except that it does.  

Living into your potential asks that your actions in life align with your deeper self.  As we each claim our individual path-our broader sense of career, play moves us successfully forward. Play enables us to engage wholeheartedly and with relaxed awareness manifesting in fun. The learning happens naturally within complete awareness and presence.

My broader course of action is opening others to their deeper self.  For me, play is evening silliness with my son to find his own playful love.  It is being with a client as she names ways that she can treat herself as she moves forward celebrating her truths and taking risks.  Both find their success as they move in their play.

Claim your play...claim your life!