Juggle or...

That INFAMOUS word: "juggle".

We juggle our lives, our jobs, our kids… we approach our lives as a juggle… all the pieces and parts (including the snow days, work deadlines, family duties, relationships) that come along with it are thrown up, down and around in, should I say, an exhausted or at least imbalanced bobble of movement? As we get a little more adept at the juggle, the thoughts creep in like a thief in the night whispering “it is only a matter of time until something falls” or “I made it through that one, how will I possibly pull off a repeat performance (and I am getting so tired!)?!?”


Slowly, we stop breathing. In fact, what became constricted breathing in action, slipped into the act of holding one’s breath. We have lost the awareness of leaning in, of listening and trusting ourselves, of giving space to ourselves.  We have given over our power to our thoughts as if that is how it should be and where reality resides.  I couldn’t write this if I didn’t know it.

How do you keep from Exploding? Drowning? Falling?

What have I learned?  Let’s begin at the beginning.  Allow the beginning to be a step with a breath.  Better yet, take a slow, long, deep breath.  Breathe it in.  Feel the oxygen enter your body and then release.  Just for a moment, feel what it is like to inhale through your nose…feel the coolness as it enters and slowly fills your lungs much like a cool glass of water on a parched throat.  And slowly exhale.  Feel it empty as you would drain a glass on a warm summer day.  Try it again.   Ahhhh. 

In that pause, be here.  Open your imagination as if you are opening a screen door onto a beautiful spring morning with the birds chirping and the dew glistening on the many flowers and bushes scattered throughout the yard. 

What If.

What if your life was seen as…a celebration.  In that celebration, you have everything you need.  Beginning with your presence, grounded in breath, you recognize your creativity, your energy, your love, your laughter.  As you move through each of your chosen manifestations of your celebration you bring different aspects of yourself, whether it is the intimacy of a quiet conversation with a friend, the energetic creativity of a child’s slumber party, or the focus of a business conference call.

What does your celebration ask of you? 

If true joy is the result, the celebration honors the choices that lift you up.  And, with any celebration, there are beginnings, middles and ends.  There is thoughtful set-up, energetic involvement, reflection, and rest.  All are a part of the whole.  All are accomplished in moments, minutes, hours…whatever the celebration is that you have claimed.

So, set down the “juggle,” breathe deeply, and CELEBRATE your conscious existence in this beautiful thing called life.