Intention and Your Grocery List

I believe that we think about intentions like we think about picking up items on our grocery list.  We grab a piece of paper or our electronic device, write or type what we think we need.  Then, we head to the store and purchase. This lets us check off the item or items and move on with our lives. Identify, execute and move on.  There are vague similarities to be sure, but the differences begin to manifest as you awaken to the ache that drove you to explore change in the first place.  

Intention is the aim that produces action.  What is forgotten in using the grocery list approach is that intention is both a crucial tool and a process in our journey of living into ourselves.  This journey allows us to ask the follow up questions such as, "is this really what I want or is it possibly a guide post to something deeper?" And, as we look to the naming, we begin to explore, "what is the feeling-state that I am really after in my life?"

The nature of intention is the pushing against our comfort zone that is tightly guarded by our fears.  Yet, we engage in intention setting because our deeper self is calling us to move beyond where we currently reside. If you are feeling a little uncomfortable as you begin to see a difference-great! Recognizing intention as a tool and a process in your journey cracks open the experience into opportunities for discovery, awakening, truth telling, risk taking, play and a whole lot more!  By claiming intention as tool and process, we begin to aim and act.

Release yourself from the grocery list and start the journey--you'll never look back!