On The Refrigerator Door

Yup.  This on my refrigerator.  Do you have one like it?  Perhaps even similar?  Perhaps you keep yours on the inside of a cabinet door, or as a screen shot on your computer or in a journal that you carry around.  Why do we do that?  My answer is that it resonates.  It resonates in that deep place inside that aligns with awareness of life, being, celebrating existence and its innate abundance.  Gets real pretty quick, doesn't it?

Where does it get scary?  When we start adding things like...live with intention, but don't fail, walk to the edge, but not too close or you will get hurt, listen hard, but not too closely because you may find out that you were never listening in the first place and you got it all wrong. Hmmm.  Those come quickly for me and I have battled them with an occasional flare up.  What about for you?

My learning has been to stay in the first part.  Let it resonate with your deeper self that is grounded in joy.  Let your forward movement build, grow, challenge you from there. Understand and use the behaviors that support living from a place of joy each day.  Intention, Gratitude, Stillness, Truth, Desire, Creativity, Risk, to name a few.  THIS IS YOUR JOURNEY -- name it and claim it!