The Biggest Problem Becoming "THE NEW YOU!" & How To Fix It In 2015

Source: Flickr

You’ve woken up and it’s January 2nd.  You’ve set the intentions.  You’re looking forward to the possibilities.  But as you gaze in the mirror, you see the same you that has been staring back for as long as you can remember.  The same misgivings, the same doubts.  They seem to hang with you like a bad conversation.  Your hope is there, but so is your past.

That is what quick fixes are like, when applied as a band aid to a deeper ache.  It covers where the pain is, but doesn’t address what might be really going on.  We choose the New Year because it is a wonderful opportunity for a clean slate.  Yet, we miss the boat thinking this is our only opportunity.

So what now?  That feeling of doubt or that you won’t be able to hang with the desire is taking up more space inside.  There are other options available – change the intention, shorten the intention, to name a couple.  You can certainly play there, but ultimately, how will the result be any different?

Neither the idea of intention or the claiming of a period of starting over is incorrect.  But something IS missing.  The missing part is the recognition that the urge for change came from that deeper place inside, calling you to begin a journey.  The journey is to your deeper self that you have always known to exist.  But, that said, you aren’t clear with how to listen or what is being said, where to start or even what to do with the nagging thoughts that this will be hard or time consuming.

And yet.  You have actually started listening to the urge and have begun playing with a response.  The” where to start” could very well be what you’ve noticed or perhaps a signpost directing you just a few paces ahead.  And, the thoughts, the fear of something new -- THE NEW YOU – exists and there is a part of you that wants to protect you from the unknown.

Start your 2015 movement to THE NEW YOU by beginning a journey that isn’t about checking off boxes (which will happen anyway) but rather a moving forward with courage into the person that you are being called to fully claim.

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As we embrace the New Year, we create the opportunity to open to our deeper self, claim the mosaic of our life and discover our journey to joy.  While those ideas seem quite lofty and maybe overwhelming or untouchable in the everydayness of life, why should our journey be anything less!?!

This journey is the finding of your joy as you learn to ground yourself in your deeper beauty of yourself that can enable forward movement.  Come, dive in and play for 6 weeks! You and a small group of women will discover their journey to joy in the “career” of their life.  Career, in its broadest sense, is the course of action a person takes over a lifetime.  Tapping into your joy enables the process of opening yourself to this much bigger, deeper place of career.