Drano for the Stuck Places

woman laughing

What is your LIFE URGE?

No, I mean really!!

This amazing thing called life is a gift. This gift comes with awareness and choice, but some days remembering that is difficult. Maybe all you can do right now is keep putting one foot in front of the other, putting out the fires that seem to constantly spring up around you.

But finding your way to that awareness that there IS a choice for something more, something better, is vital. So how do you get there? You know, past the overwhelm and into seeing the possibilities?  


See Beyond the Overwhelm

Living from a place of joy and walking that journey is certainly what I strive for each day, and sometimes, it feels light years away.  I’ve certainly had days when what I am typing right here, right now, feels like a bunch of “hogwash”!  And yet, a deeper voice inside steps forward gently but firmly saying No, there is Truth here.  

That’s when the questions can be your guide: What is hurting?  What is holding you back?  What breakthrough are you preparing for, but fear is raising its wall to stop your forward movement?

What can you grab for in your own life that can shake things up, reduce the stress hormones from freezing you up like an iceberg and even release endorphins to the point that you can feel like flying?  

One word:  Laughter.

Bring it on, baby!!  Not only are the physiological benefits powerful, but it can even serve as a  bridge for every social situation needed to pull us together.  

Think about the people in your life that simply laugh.  Perhaps it is infectious as you join in.  Perhaps their look or smile invites you closer. Perhaps the sound of their laughter simply makes you laugh, too.  

I have a dear friend in my life that, as I merely think of her and the power of her laughter to bring people together, my heart seems to double in size.  The gratitude I feel for her simply floods all over me and positively affects any interaction I am having, even in the writing of this blog.


Another Tool in Your Toolbox

Begin to bring laughter more deeply into your life.  Let it be the balm that heals.  Let it be the Drano for stuck places.  Let it be the stimulation for ideas.  Let it be a part of your journey into joyful living!

So I ask you again, What is Life urging you to do, be?  Try to use laughter to help you get past “solving problems” that can simply seem unsolvable or too overwhelming because they just keep coming, then ask yourself, what is it that your soul is yearning for? See if you can’t use this simple tool to find your way toward naming and claiming your joy.