Bring On The Feast!

December is a month of Feasting.

So many of our seasonal rituals that take place this time of year—religious, end-of-year celebrations, work holiday parties and so many more—mark this beautiful focus.  They provide opportunities to practice acknowledging the meaning we can weave into our lives EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  

To me, feasting refers to any activity that helps you express your love, learning, talents, and thoughts – those things that give you true nourishment.  Rituals offer each of us the opportunity to find our deeper connection to one another and the meaning in what we are doing.  We have those rituals that grow out of our culture or our tradition, but we can, and SHOULD, create them for our individual selves.  

It might be the quiet morning time with your favorite cup of coffee or tea, a once-a-month lunch with a special friend, a daily evening walk as the sun sets.  What allows each of those events to be a feast is the act of taking the ordinary and allowing it to become extraordinary, through the awareness of its significance.

Naming the everyday rituals that you observe in your own life allows you to re-remember your uniqueness in the world while energizing you for the next moments as you move forward.  It is like the inhale and the exhale of breath as you offer yourself a celebratory awareness of the gift of life.

My life is B.U.S.Y.  

How can it not be with a husband, 3 kids and a business?  Without my rituals of meditation, swimming, journaling, and prayer woven throughout my day, I feel lost and simply fried.  Nothing separates.  It all becomes one L-O-N-G blur.  And my family feels it, too!  (I bet you know exactly what I’m talking about.)

So, feasts do serve as treats for myself.  Because I pause in the moments before and after these activities to recognize their importance, I am able to affirm the deeper connection with my soul.  In that moment, it becomes a feast.

Allow yourself the opportunity to find your feasts in this holiday period full of seemingly endless busy!  Here are a few questions to help you on your way:

  • In thinking about my day-to-day activities, what celebratory rituals do I already observe?

  • Take a moment for a quick brainstorm: what are some feast ideas that come to mind in regards to:

    • Things I like to eat/see/hear/smell/touch
    • Celebrations of rest and relaxation in my life
    • Activities that stimulate R&R in my life
    • Types of learning that excite my mind
    • Ways to enhance love in my life and engage my heart
  • In creating a ritual, how can I identify a beginning and an end of my feast?

I’ll be the first to admit that this act of claiming feasts in our lives can’t alone undercut the pain that can occur in the complexity of life during the holidays.  What this may offer each of us, though, is the opportunity to honor the sacredness of the life we are living.  

This is an adventure, this thing called life.  It is a FULL ON, MIND-BLOWING, HEART-FULL adventure.  

Feasts allow us to be in the present moment, and gain the energy that is there for the taking.

May peace and love be a part of your holidays.

Love & Laughter,