An Opportunity...

Begin with what is easiest, your senses.  What do you see in front of you?  To the left or to the right? Perhaps notice through touch...of the soft knitted blanket that is tucked beside you, or through smell, the coffee that was brewed just perfectly as its scent fills the air around you. Fall into that place of gratitude.  Let it grow and grow expanding throughout your body, illuminating your mind and warming your heart.

Part of claiming the power of gratitude is understanding how it begins to manifest in your body.  Your body.  That physical entity that you walk around in all day.  Gratitude comes from having positive emotions in relation to someone or something.  It is those emotions that begin as specific patterns of nerve impulses which then, in turn, trigger neurochemical activities.  Our emotions are neural processes that control our attitude and behavior.  With positive emotions, your system releases the chemical, dopamine, which provides clarity of immediate objectives and lets you feel more energetic and elated.  What is the result of all of this internal activity? You are left with a powerful sense of well-being.  What we see is a closed loop of gratitude between positive emotions and physical well-being.

Where does this take us?  Gratitude, a simple expression of thankfulness, contains the power to physically change your life...for the better.  It costs nothing and has no calories.   Open yourself to the opportunity.  There will be no regrets.