The Gobbly-Goop Of Life

Witness here the power of gratitude.  Patch Adams can be your guide.  Gratitude is an active state, a verb of existence that can be found in the engagement with another as well as in the peaceful tranquility of stillness.  The act of "diving" and "turning" creates the transformation. Now that probably sounds like gobbly-goop, so let's go in a bit deeper!

It begins with a looking at life.  Your life.  My life. How do you want to live? What kind of life do you want?  As you walk in to your career, that course of action taken over a lifetime, are you willing to open your eyes?  That is a decision point, and it is always there.  Always a choice.  A choice you can make each day, each moment.  

Then, comes the action of commitment-the diving in.  It is about owning the blessings of life and recognizing the interconnectedness of life.  It is a blossoming process.  It occurs in the developing of generosity thus creating more joy.  It occurs in the softening of a guarded heart by building the capacity for forgiveness.  It occurs in the creating clarity of mind through conscious decision making. 

The turning comes in the recognition that gratitude is a gift that you give yourself.  It opens you to joy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  And this gift, does not remotely stop at you but, like a rock thrown into the water, the ripples fan out continuously and immeasurably touching the lives that surround you.

So begin to claim.  Claim your life and that which gives it power-gratitude.