Getting Out of Life's Tsunami & Into Your Desire

So.  You are living a life.  It consists of a busy career with tasks, projects, meetings. And, a family that includes a relationship with someone who either grounds you or lifts you up (perhaps even both!) and children that are growing each day and challenging you every other to be your best.  Finally, there is a YOU somewhere in the mix to be tended to in your own growing, your own resting, your own giving in the world.

 Life. Is. Full.

 “Wasn't it desire that got me to this place?” you might ask.  Yes.  And, perhaps not.

What if you thought it would get you there but it is not exactly where you ended up.  What if life is not quite feeling the way you thought?

Life can get like that.  One decision building on another, not quite recognizing the ramifications until you are completely into the fullness of it all – as if life has become one huge Tsunami coming at you!

Life can also feel like that--busy leading to dizzy leading to overwhelm leading to burnout with no place to go.  It’s as if the crushing weight of life is hitting you straight on with no way to the surface.

How do you get to a place that feels full but from a place that, for a lack of better reality, names and claims your joy?

 Two words.  Stillness & Reflection.

 Yes, it can feel counterintuitive as you think about how is that going to happen when the calendar is already booked to overflowing?!?  But what is the reality?  When your favorite TV show comes on, it is amazing how you find the time, even if you taped it.  Once you have experienced something that brings you happiness, joy, peace…even escape, it is amazing how your ability to fit it in happens.  Believe me, I know!

Stillness is the place that barriers are broken down, energy is found, rest is provided.  It is the space that our deepest truth and wisest voice resides offering you – YOU.

Reflection is the place that creates self-awareness.  It allows you the opportunity to capture your thoughts, emotions and ideas.  It allows you to reflect on the mosaic of your life that recognizes the interconnectedness of the professional, the family and the personal.  In that reality, work together or don’t work together.  The reflection enables the pieces to communicate together and open to the wisdom that the pieces can bring one another. 

 Yet how do you play in both these arenas?  For guidance, checkout my Preparations for Life’s Tsunami Checklist & Worksheet.  Allow it to give you a starting place of ideas or even a place to guide you to your answers.  What is critical to remember is that there are no rules to this.  Better yet, there are and they are yours to create!  What does that mean?  Well, you decide when you would reflect, for how long, and how.  The only guidance I would suggest is that the parameters that you set feel fun, light & complete. 

So, perhaps Desire has been here all the time.  It is just time to open that door and reconnect!  Enjoy-because that is what it is really all about.