A New Recipe For Desire

Think back to when you were a kid and wanting something was easy.  Even if it feels like for only a brief moment.  You wanted something and you went for it.  Perhaps it was a home run, qualifying for a certain team, getting a solo or a part in a play.  Sometimes we got it.  And, sometimes we didn't.  The first was always a lot easier than the second...at least for me.  

The first allowed me to take it as a step forward such as making a Zone team.  And, the second quickly became a reason why I couldn't move forward, such as not making the cut for Senior Nationals.  The weight lay far heavier on the side of the later.  Ultimately, I found success in making Olympic Trials in a moment of stillness in movement.  But, constant battles were being waged inside by fear and a litany of "why-I-wouldn't-be-able-to-find-my-success" limiting my joy.

Our interpretation of failure becomes part of our internal recipe for not getting hurt.  That recipe is entitled Desirelessness.  By smashing down our desires, we believe that we will be inoculated from the pain.  What we don't realize is that our very desires are crucial to our happiness.

And where does this take us as adults?  Letting success be defined by others.  Allowing differing opinions to become reasons for political battles in the office.  Not risking ideas in public.  Holding back from making connections with others.  And many more.  Before long, we've lost track of what motivates us, what excites us.  The question of "What do I want?" becomes something close to "What could cause me the most pain?"

And yet. It is in the name of our desires that we ignite our engine toward creativity, toward imagination, toward courage, toward risk taking.  Desire becomes the key to unlock the door on the journey toward your possibilities.  That is your DNA wiring of your soul.  There is the connection between the logistics of a day and the passion to do it.

So how do we move into Desire?

Give yourself permission to want.  Add just a little stillness to see what comes up. Then, give it space to tell its story.  Where might this new recipe take you?  Let it be written with the ink of no rules and the paper that dreams are made on.  Let the child from your early days do the stirring.  Ultimately, begin to claim your fun.  And, even your life.  The possibilities are endless!