Zen and the Art of Car Maintenance

I don’t know about you, but I try to take my car in for an oil change every 3,000-ish miles.  I live in Cleveland, a city that demands a reliable car by its very sprawling nature (but no, it does not compare to LA!), and I have three kids whose activities have embraced that car-based existence.  

So caring for my car is crucial for MY long-term success (and, of course, my car’s).  Sometimes,I am not exact when attending to its maintenance plan, but as a rule, caring for my car is crucial and I act like it. I need to pay attention to all of the parts that plan: not only the quick checkups, such as an oil change or tire rotation, but also the longer maintenance that asks for a deeper look.


Looking Under the Hood

I find myself chuckling when attending to my car seems to take a higher precedence than, say, taking a look at what is going on with me. Mostly because it’s not all that surprising—there is so much to do! The list is endless, yet we hardly think about the fact that the list comes from somewhere. Realizing that, and then using that information by giving direction to that list, by pausing to check-in and go in for a deeper look at the why and the so what, is vitally important.  

We do this with our businesses through strategic planning, and some even go so far as to check-in with their team and do some deep listening as to where they are collectively and individually through team building opportunities. But what of the individual side? How often do you check in with yourself?

A couple weeks ago, I took a deeper look by asking my clients and those that feel a connection to me how I challenge and support them. While working with my clients offers me an intimate opportunity to listen and support them as a more objective voice, by stepping out of that role for my clients and asking MYSELF the same kinds of questions I ask them is crucial to understanding the needs of my tribe. Questions like: “How are you at caring for yourself?” lead to breakthroughs for my clients and are just as important for me on the road to those breakthroughs.

It is from that place of listening that I heard women telling me that caring for themselves, in light of the extreme busyness of carrying a profession and a personal life, is a crucial but difficult undertaking. With all of the roles that we are asked to play in our lives, that undertaking has had to take on a number of different forms. Finding relief—much like letting a little bit of air out of a balloon so it’s not in danger of bursting—is absolutely crucial.  But often, as we know, it isn’t allowed to happen until we are close to that bursting point.  And, when we finally claim that time, we multitask even that opportunity!  For example, a glass of wine with some girlfriends after a long day at the office or being at home with family tries to meet the desire to release pressure by covering all the missing components -- connecting with those relationships we care about, and talking through issues that are bothering us or nagging at us. Sometimes it works.  And, sometimes it doesn't as we are left feeling a little diluted like a watered-down glass of wine!


Quick Checkups

Sometimes, that one outlet simply isn’t enough, but it is all we have. What I see at that point is the need for a way to address that extreme busyness, to find an avenue toward self-awareness, and how to deal with the resulting thoughts that weigh us down.   

Pausing and looking under our collective hoods to create support is how I have begun to answer that ache. So I have crafted some initial relief: what I have entitled “Quick Hit” Workshops. The beauty is in their short time commitment, accessibility at any point in time (the calls will be recorded), and the opportunity for you to begin the process of crafting tools to support a life that moves into joy in a purposeful way, down a path that is uniquely yours.  

I have created an initial grouping of 3 as a beginning. We have to start somewhere, right??

The first 3 workshops are:

  • Surviving Life’s Tsunami: Tuesday, August 11th, 12-1pm

  • The Secrets of Real-Life Journaling: Tuesday, August 25th, 12-1pm

  • Making Friends With Your Lizard Brain: Tuesday, September, 8th, 12-1pm


Put your “Look under the hood” on the calendar

I see this as a beginning… an opportunity to start looking under the hood and getting to know the moving parts that are important to running your life. You will find some “ah-ha” moments, plot your desired actions, and begin to enter into deeper listening.  

Come and play.  I deliberately chose a time of the day that we all have to eat—the lunch hour—and each will be recorded so you can always access them when it is right for you!

Come, claim yourself! Take a little time to look under your hood. Let this be an opportunity to move toward your possibilities!