Mirror Living: Do You Like What You See?

Meeting our Self at the mirror.  

That's what true living is.  

It is the act of acknowledging our Self—all of it—and choosing to risk a deeper look, a step forward.  And in so doing, we give ourselves more breathing room to grow closer to our Best Self.

Being an entrepreneur is a constant "face-in-the-mirror" experience.  

It is seeing it all in front of you, from the zits to the circles to the streaks of gray.  


It is also recognizing the glow of energy brought on by claiming imagination.

Seeing the intensity of one's gaze gained from the deeper learning.  All so very REAL.  

Passion meets path meets risk meets fear meets failure meets success meets living. . . Every. Step. Of. The. Way.  

I would say every person who has felt a stirring passion and has responded by living it in the world has had to face this mirror and walk this path.



My newest undertaking included the step of "listening" to many of you through the use of a survey.  What I heard from you is that there is nothing easy about claiming passion as you walk life's journey.  

And that it's a heck of a lot easier to see the path from the 10,000-foot view than the on-the-ground daily walk. Many of you are able to recognize the importance of taking the time to stop, move between Eagle Vision and Mouse Vision, and really look

And, Surprise.  There is tension between work and home life.  

These insights led me to the next questions: So, how do we deal with it?  Do we set aside time to take a look inside or climb high to get a better view? When do we stop and look?  What tools are most useful?  What does help really look like?



The reality?  Life can sometimes get away from us and hit us like a tsunami. So instead of getting washed away in it, let's stand and face it head-on!  

We all wonder: Is self-awareness in the busyness of life even possible?
Absolutely!  So let's claim it!

When passion meets our thoughts, does fear creep up and slow us down?  
Of course it does.  So let's shake its grasp!

These are the areas where I hear the most need, the loudest cries for help in how to find a place to even BEGIN to get a handle on the overwhelm.

Here are some starting points.

I've developed three Quick Hit Workshops targeted at meeting you and your busy life exactly where you are.  

In these 3 brief, hour-long sessions, you will get the tools to move your passion forward. Begin to see the wonder that is your face, your life, in the mirror.   

Keep an eye on this space—a select number of spaces will be available very soon, and you don't want to miss it! 

Louis Armstrong said it best, "What we play is life."  Take some time to learn some advanced techniques for playing your life to the fullest!