Unearthing Gold

gold mine

Exploring Possibilities 

We should all be exploring career possibilities at all times...even me!  Change happens.  Situations occur.  When that catalyst hits your life we deal, we grieve, and, when we are ready, we dream again!

Recently a catalytic event hit in my personal life, which led me to look around for another piece to add into my professional mosaic. As happens in these situations, one contact led to another, and I ended up having conversations with a search firm. Specifically, I was intrigued by the outplacement aspect of this company.  It felt energetic for me: a good-looking fit, since I love supporting those in transition to claim and re-claim their next steps forward.

After some time digging deep within the organization and my own possibilities I realized that the company culture and structure wasn't a good a fit for me right now. And I was bummed. 

The self talk was "you can make it work."  And, the internal questions began-"will there really be something else?" And,  "You do 'career' stuff, so can't you make it fit?!?"  Argh!!

Lizard Brain Strikes Again!

Yes, my lizard thoughts were beginning a rampage from a few different directions!  [If you are not familiar with the term lizard thoughts, they are the thoughts stemming from the place in my brain that wants to keep me safe—even when that safety zone resembles a prison cell!]

The upside?  I could feel that it just wasn't right.  Good to know.  But I still couldn't believe with all of the interactions I had with the organization that it hadn't worked out.

However, as I sat with the feeling, my deeper place of wisdom began to quietly speak.  It began to ask, "What had I learned about myself in the process?"  "What had I learned about the clients I enjoy serving?"  And, ultimately, "How do I serve them best?"

Striking a Vein (of Gold)

Well, I learned that I do have a deep passion for supporting those in transition.  That what I love very much is the pre-work to a individual's tactical process. 

My strength is helping clear your mental deck of the debris that crops up when you aren't paying attention (It happens to us all!). 

I am the one who can help you find your gold hidden deep in your mental mine, holding your lantern to light the way.  I am the one who celebrates the discovery—recognizing that it was there all along. This is the "pre-work" that enables forward movement when you're feeling stuck or unsure of where to go next.

Was that realization worth the price of admission?  Absolutely.

How about you?  I believe that we are all exactly where we are supposed to be.  Do you find that shocking?   

I am by no means saying that you have to stay where you are! But listen deeply to your life as it speaks: What is this uncomfortable situation trying to tell you?  By finding and naming the gold in a situation you can find your next steps forward.

I challenge you to pause and listen.  Can you hear your life speaking? 

You might be pleasantly surprised!

(Of course, if you find you need some more light on the path, you know who to call!)