Celebration — An Amazing Way Through Fear

This post is about celebration!  It is a post recognizing that celebration is a way through our fear of change along the journey toward a new reality. 

This week my client, after a two-year transition from one career to another, celebrated with an Artist’s Opening of her paintings. She has already sold nine of her pieces coming out of her first weekend!  

Dealing with Fear of Change

Fear is tricky. It is something concocted uniquely by our brains to keep us safe.  It stems from our brain’s limbic system to address lions in the forest or strangers in dark parking lots. Sadly, it only recognizes the adrenaline rush, not the difference between the physical fear of lions and the mental fear we create when contemplating a career change. 

We have all heard the phrase, “The only constant is change.” It is constantly a part of every moment of our lives, so we take it for granted. We get lulled into thinking – I got this! Until we don’t. We either bring on or are hit by catalytic change. What we forget in this equation is that change is actually oxygen for growth.

Struggling between Versions of Yourself

Jennifer is a successful child therapist. There was no logical reason for her to leave what she was doing. Except for that tug that was going on inside her. Her tug was to be an artist—an active painter, selling her work. 

The struggle was between her fear of change – from defined success to an unknown – the urge turned to a gnawing and became an all-out tug from a deeper part of her that wanted to be known in the world.

She thought that those two ideas of herself were worlds apart, and yet they were much closer than she imagined. She already used her artistry while working with the kids she counseled. Her ability to work with children and their families using art was powerful, engaging, and transformative. So to begin her career transition, I helped her begin to reorder her transferable skills to better reflect what was going on inside her.

Celebrating Steps to Change

Jennifer's two years of transition was a journey into more deeply understanding herself, who she was, who she wanted to be, and determining what bridges she could use  and where they should lead.

There was nothing “easy” about it. There were times that she paused, re-examined, re-configured. But always the beauty in the decisions she made was that the learning was there to take her deeper.  

We kept recognizing the power of celebration within change, and that allowed her to see the fear for what it is – a creation to keep her safe. Celebration allows you to recognize the power of  the steps and the milestones along the way toward a goal.

Jennifer’s journey has in no way stopped, but what she has recognized is that the journey is hers to own and celebrate in each breath taken and decision made.

What are You Hearing from Inside?

Is it a nagging that won’t leave you alone?

There are absolutely no promises of ease. But, what you can find is a deeper place of joy that is speaking to you and that will support your forward movement. Stopping a moment to recognize and celebrate that joy along the way toward your larger goal is what makes the journey more enjoyable and helps you focus not just on the goal itself.

My and Jennifer’s time together allowed for that space to celebrate. Breathing and celebrating space to understand, challenge, grow, and move forward in the only life she has – her own.  

Now.  What about your life?

Do you need to allow more time and space for breathing and celebrating along your journey? Are you struggling to decide which path you should be traveling on? How do you combat the fear that can make change difficult?


Let me know in the comments!