The Beginning of Something Good


A way of living and thinking that is deeply you – vivid and satisfying – as you journey through the unpredictable terrain of existence.

Don’t you sometimes wish you could just order a cupful of joy to throw down your throat like a smoothie that contains all the vitamins and minerals you could possibly need, letting you simply move on to the next item on the list?!?

Tempting isn’t it?!?


I think this is why the month of January exists.  The busyness that begins in October for most families simply doesn’t let up until post-January 1.  And then we quickly jump into the New Year with resolutions, plans, winter sports, plays, end of first semester exams or the start of a new semester … and it simply doesn’t stop.  

And yet it must.  The exhaustion that usually accompanies this busyness leads to a type of sleepwalking that is numbing.  The numbness lets us ignore the warning signals that pain offers, trying to tell us that something is off.  The result? We get physically ill.  

And then. We are forced to slow down.  We make it through until the recovery completes itself, and we can truly begin again.  

Our path to joy is reached in the daily walk of wakefulness.  The place of wakefulness begins in stillness.  Healing from the busyness happens


I have felt the pain of stillness after the busyness, and it deeply resembles a horrible hangover. The pain can be difficult.  The pain is really your deepest self yearning for you to listen. The way through is self-forgiveness, time, exploration, and listening.  



A client of mine was definitely in the January blues.  She had a great business plan that she had created and was working to implement.  As she stared at her implementation steps, however, she was simply frozen.  Even when she was moving, it was like slogging through fog…basically, she was sleepwalking.  

As we started to reflect on what she wanted to accomplish, her awareness of how her steps could be met cracked open for her.  It was the self-reflection that led to self-awareness.  Our next turn in the conversation was about how she wanted to begin.  

She realized that she needed a jumpstart, and we began to explore what that would look like. Looking back into other successful jumpstarts that had ignited her in her past, we found her greatest was a “work retreat” at her home in Florida.  Since that wasn’t possible at this moment, we explored other ways to get to that feeling state and used that to craft that experience in her current location.  

We also looked at her steps in conjunction with her sense of overwhelm.  What was her overwhelm signaling to her?  Coming to the understanding that overwhelm was her signal to break her steps down further, she developed some “turtle steps” for herself — steps of forward movement that felt truly manageable.  In our conversation she came to a wakeful place, and then we talked about how to keep her there!



So, let YOUR new beginning start now.  Move from a place of sleepwalking to one of wakefulness in your life.  Begin from a place of stillness and let the listening begin in earnest.  And then move forward with a pace that feels right.  

What does “right” feel like?  Give yourself permission to find out what that is for you right now.

A few possibilities might be:

  • a morning cup of coffee in the quiet with yourself  
  • going to your first yoga class and just laying or sitting against a wall for THE WHOLE CLASS!  (Own what you feel you need!)
  • a walk with (or without) your dog in which you are present and awake with yourself --noticing the thoughts and feelings, then letting them move on through!  Continue your walk, taking in the landscape around you, feeling the chill in the air, listening to the birds or the tapping of the dog’s feet as you walk together.  


No matter what you choose, be sure to let your senses engage with the Present Moment!


Commit to giving yourself time for stillness.  Let its gift of presence grow.  Follow your curiosity and see where it might lead—

  • to closing your eyes and listening more deeply or
  • feeling the presence in each yoga move or
  • beginning to capture the thoughts in journaling, as self-reflection moves you to greater self-awareness  


This is the journey to joy.  It is defined BY you and FOR you in the celebration of YOU!  Come to the wakeful presence of your life and then give yourself the space to notice, to listen.  Begin here and feel the energy grow.

With Love & Laughter,