4 Steps To Move You Beyond Failure

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We each know what failure is-the simple result of not meeting our definition of success. 

And yet, the crucial understanding is that because success is part of our larger understanding of what we want in life, failure is merely a data point.   How wonderful is that!!  It is actually information to guide your next move forward and toward your success. 

I am not discouraged because every wrong attempt discarded is another attempt forward.
— Thomas Edison

But, what do we do with the emotional struggle that lingers...especially when the job search feels like a road block, our relationship has ended, or a project goes awry.  How do we deal with the aftershocks and continue to move forward?  These four steps will help realign you into action once again!

Step 1: Give yourself permission to grieve

Whether for a few minutes, a few hours, or a few days, let yourself feel what you feel.  By owning and acknowledging the feelings, we recognize that the experience was important or we wouldn't have engaged in it in the first place.

By releasing that energy, you make room for the next step to happen.  Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance are  each part of the process.  Express the grief steps in whatever way allows you to release it: talking with others, writing it out, physical exercise or some sort of creative outlet.

Step 2:  Assess

Become a scientist and evaluate the experience.  What components brought you joy? What were energizing?  Where did you feel “off” or confused? What feedback can you gather from the situation? 

Pulling all of this together offers the opportunity to create entries in our Lessons Learned and Commitments To Joy, enabling us to weave them back into our overall career plan or life desire.

Step 3:  Name your next steps and act!

Reenergize with the power of your intention.  What small steps can you act on that will re-engage you back into your plan?  Your plan is a Celebration of You and the gifts, talents, and skills you bring to this world.  What can you do that moves that forward?

If an initial step feels overwhelming, cut it in half!  Let this be your on-ramp in the direction of your joy!  Forward movement is forward movement, no matter how small!

Step 4:  Activate your community of support. 

We are a part of the billions in the world.  We need each other to bring our dreams, hopes, possibilities into reality.  And by supporting one another, it strengthens our individual courage muscle while giving others permission to move forward on their own desires.

So, reach out to your community of support and even consider broadening it!!

This is your life. Measured not only in the joys, but also in the messiness, the pauses, the “failures,” the opportunities, and the celebrations.  

Allow yourself the whole of the experience.  That is where the growth, the depth, the passion will happen, weaving direction and wisdom into your life.