What a fabulous word… and what does it mean?

The marking of one’s pleasure at an important event or occasion by engaging in an enjoyable activity or to praise someone or something.

And celebration is a choice…that we make each day. Do you? 

Celebration in Practice

I have been working with Mary for a while as she transitions from her own therapy practice working with children to a career as a painter. For a fraction of a second, I wondered about the leap, but as I heard her story I quickly recognized that she has been an artist all of her life.

It is just that the medium that she has chosen to play with has evolved. Her passion for children and families, grounded in celebration of their unique gifts and growing together in love, has been ever present. Her use of art within her therapy to draw the children out, claim areas of self-expression and self-esteem, is unique and unparalleled. And yet, it is now time for her to make that same claim on her own life using art as self-expression, linking to a new audience, speaking messages of self-expression, self-esteem, and love.

Just like each of us, she hears her lizard speak loudly as she moves out of her comfort zone, even with the success she has had as a solo businesswoman. And yet, each time she faces her fears, names her fears, brings them out into the open to be seen for what they are – a straightjacket holding her in and holding her back - she sees, once again, her possibilities and her opportunities, as well as her next steps forward.

In the wiping away of the smug of her lizard fears, she begins to see clearly. And with each new ah-ha, each deeper learning of herself – the deeper understanding of what has always been there speaking to her, she celebrates! She lifts up the learning to celebrate the growth. She lifts up the steps forward that are highlighted because of the named fears and celebrates.

Celebration becomes a critical part of marking the process and the journey.

Integrating Celebration

So. What about you? What dreams are moving inside that you can lift up and celebrate their existence? What fears exist that you can say out loud, giving room to check their true validity? And how can you celebrate when the truth begins to set you free?

Give room in your daily life to celebrate; make it part of your daily habit.

Look for what gives you energy, lightness, hope, energy and love. Begin by celebrating the WHISPER in your life, and let the journey continue!