Potency: Beware!

So.  How potent are you willing to let yourself be to start allowing in everything you are asking for, professionally and personally?


On my end, I want to live my full potency.  Period.  I am tired of the second-guessing, the what-if’s, and even the occasional desire to please others.  Ugh.

Yet, where the question really hits for me is in the willingness.  At first blush, many of us say, “Bring it on!” …until the voices in our head begin to whisper, “as long as it doesn’t mean I have to head that project”, give a speech, or engage regularly with “X”.  However, what I have found is that my growth demands that I allow the voices their moment and then look more deeply for clues or direct information as to the direction I need to go.  And, usually, it is in the exact direction that the voice is urging me to hold back from! 

For example, engaging regularly with “X”, may ask me to get to know that individual more personally so I can find a place of connection.  Or, it may require additional learning about personalities and how they can complement one another or provide information on how stress can be addressed when two opposite styles are engaged.  Or, it may ask me to dive into a deeper understanding of communication and the necessary skills and vulnerability required for crucial conversations that can move us toward new solutions and greater possibilities.

All of this demands reflection and checking in with myself regularly, much like when you are on a hike and must stop to read the weather signs, examine the map to check direction or stop to hydrate and feed yourself.  Without the reflection, I find that I am unable to see my personal ah-ha’s, give space when I find success to make sure I keep creating more of the same and recognize when I make a mistake, own it, learn and step forward in a new direction.

So, ask yourself.  How willing are you to live your true potency?