3 Steps Out of Career Limiting Beliefs And Into Finding Your Desire

The crazy thing about our thoughts and “desire” is that, for many of us, they both seem to work against us – especially when it comes to our career.  There are many voices out there that speak about actually NOT following your desire.  There are others that celebrate embracing your desire.  Each has interesting and valid cases. Yet, at the end of the day, we are still left with the thoughts in our head that nag, holding a more personal argument and leveraging all of the pain points inside.

Let’s try to tease out the players. 

Our thoughts come from many different directions, but when they stream from fear, we can most assuredly claim our Lizard Brain is rearing up loudly.  You know, that protective brain space that is keeping you alive in the jungle- oops, I mean, the comfort of your own home.  Oh, yeah, we are in the 21st Century and generally don’t live in imminent danger!

Yet, thoughts invade our sleeping hours only to wake us up to heave on the fears of an upcoming meeting with the boss, playing it out over and over in our head at 2 AM.  Or, perhaps it’s the upcoming layoffs entering the mind at 3 AM.  A thought about “not being good enough” or other such thoughts weave throughout every neural passage way they can take you…especially the ones that have become highways dug deeper and deeper, used again and again when you feel stressed and vulnerable.  I have a couple of those highways ground down quite nicely!

What about desire?  In light of the shadow thoughts at 2 and 3 am, the concept of desire can simply seem, well, ridiculous.  Who follows desire, when they are not even sure they can make it though the next meeting or week in a tumulus environment of oncoming layoffs?!?

And yet.  It is Desire that will give you the key to your next adventure. 

But not when your Lizard Brain is leading the charge.  Your lizard has thrown a fabulous party on your dime and left a huge mess to clean up.  Hearing the possibilities that may exist are next to impossible when there is garbage thrown about.  So, let’s begin there!

Step One

Name the thoughts scattered about.  If you are having trouble identifying them during the bright and sunny daylight, put yourself back in the imaginary 2am world.  Consider each thought like a different highway crisscrossing your city. Unfortunately, they don’t take you anywhere.   Put them on a sheet of paper and label them.  My first thought highway was…“I’m not good enough…”.  Go ahead, list your top ones. 

Step Two. 

Observe.  How often are the thoughts coming?  When you step back, when do you REALLY find these thoughts coming up for you?  My hunch is that they are very loud when you are in some type of transition or challenging situation.  Perhaps your comfort zone is being pushed in some way.

Step Three. 

Name a thoughts’ opposite.  I know crazy right?!?  This serves two purposes.  First, affirmation has power.  Just as much as a negative thought does.  The power comes in its “belief”, not that it holds fact.  But, affirmations help give you permission.  This process begins creating hope and safety.  Second, give yourself permission to find three concrete examples of why the affirmation holds truth for you.  Do it!  Hang with it!  You may just find the force field you have methodically placed around the initial limiting thought beginning to crack.

As you pursue the clean up of your Lizard’s After Party, so too, do you begin to give yourself space to find your key that had been hidden from view for your door named Desire.  Let this be what it is – Your Beginning!

You have nothing to loose and everything to gain!