Moving From Lies

Do you remember when you were a kid and got in trouble for telling a lie?  The process of getting to the lie felt smooth and easily justified (whether it was grabbing a piece of candy at the store or telling a story about your brother that was well....trouble-inducing to say the least).  Maybe it wasn't so smooth and easy, but at least it was a quick run to justification.  I know I felt shame in being caught in the lie but also in the parental conversation that ensued about my choice and clearly seeing the lie in broad daylight. 

Bringing our "lies" about ourselves into broad daylight continue to be our saving grace.  Our lies, created by self-judgement, opinions by others and future outcomes, imprison each of us to such an extent that not only do we lose track of who we are and who we are meant to be, but we loose our direction as well.  Our career, the course of action we each take over a lifetime--whether in the world of work, family or volunteer--is hidden from our own understanding

Finding our truth begins in stillness.  It is simply the only way.  Once that door is opened (and trust me it can get sticky at times!) self-inquiry enables us to use our brain as the tool it is rather than the slavedriver/prison guard it can become.  Our prisons are created through the claiming of false and limiting thought.  Truth in reality is our key, or better yet, our sledgehammer!  As a fellow life coach and friend, Ray DePaola, has tweeted, "Truth is about trusting yourself.  You are strong enough, resilient enough and creative enough for your heart's truth."  Take the chance, you'll never go back.