A New Vision

A New Vision

I recently had the opportunity to work with Jane, an amazing client, whose situation may resonate with you.

Over the course of the last month, as she juggled family, her consulting practice, and the general summer flow (or lack of), she managed to get sick. While she fought her way through with doctor visits and a couple rounds of antibiotics, her list of to do’s grew longer and her plans for the future further away.  

When we got to connect, she simply felt scattered even after a business retreat that she had set aside to do some focused work. I asked her to identify an image that captured her feeling.  “I feel like I have a bunch of marbles rolling around. They seems to be hidden under tables and chairs, behind and under whatever furniture is in the room,” Jane exclaimed.

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Mirror Living: Do You Like What You See?

Being an entrepreneur is a constant "face-in-the-mirror" experience.  

It is seeing it all in front of you, from the zits to the circles to the streaks of gray.  


It is also recognizing the glow of energy brought on by claiming imagination.

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The Fuel Of Gratitude

Gratitude.  You have heard it before--it’s important, even helpful.  Perhaps, you have even felt it-the warm rush after doing a kind act or sharing a kind word with a friend or even a stranger.  But, fuel?!?  And, if it’s fuel, can it add value to not only one's personal life, but one's professional life as well? 

Gratitude is a place of readiness.  An active state that supports us like ripe fruit in a hungry belly.   Hunger is not compartmentalized to a specific aspect of one’s life.  In fact, it affects every aspect-personal and professional.

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3 Small Steps Toward Your Truth

Are you one of those people who start a novel and take a peek at the ending?  Maybe closer to my M.O., is choosing movies (at least a majority of them) that simply have a happy ending.  I want to know that everything will end up alright.  Perhaps this is world news coverage fatigue, but at any rate, knowing that I will have the happy ending is where I go and play.  

But what about life?  You know, the real thing.  You might think that after the above I would be dead on arrival.  And yet.  I am not.  Does that mean that I have found the special happy pill?  No. And. Yes.  However, it's not a pill.  It's more like awareness of a journey.  A journey that I slip and fall occasionally, lose my way, get tired, but also get back up, stop for rest, enjoy the vista, play on the hillside, regain my path and well, have a fun along the way.  

This awareness is found in three small steps - stillness, listening and observing.  It is these three steps that take me to a deeper truth that can't be found in the noise swirling around me.  My family's spring break was a mishmash of various directions - taking my daughter on college visits, engaging in a local business entrepreneurial class and celebrating my mom's 75th birthday.  Of course, looking back on this list to be accomplished in 3 different states might lead someone to say, "Too Much".  But then, leading a life in the "AND" of a professional life, family life and personal life can sometimes get off track when I stop moving from a place of awareness that takes me to my truth.  

Fast forward to about week and a half in, and I was toast.  I had let go of pretty much all three of my steps.  The beautiful part, however, was feeling the resulting pain and letting it guide me back to my awareness.  Moving back into stillness found in my early morning, took me into listening to my life.  Many thoughts came, but by observing them and just letting them move on through, I found myself backing into my deeper voice of love, gentleness and healing.  

Claim your time of stillness whether it is in the early morning hours with a cup of coffee, going for a walk or claiming journaling time before you start your work day.  Use the time to be with yourself, feeling your amazing body that you are privileged to have and just breathe.  As you relax into yourself, listen.  Yes thoughts, like clouds in the sky, will come.  Let them and let them keep on going!  Observe what is going by.  Begin to notice the tape that might be playing and how the repeat button is on constant. In the noticing, comes the awareness of the existence of your deeper self that is listening and observing,  That is your beginning.  It is this place, the place of awareness, that will lead you to your deeper truth.  

Finding Your Doorway

When I was young, the noise was kind of loud.  What was worse is that I didn't understand it.  My escape was the pool.  With swimming, I could escape my mind and just be.  I could be in my body where it was at that moment.  Things were clean and clear.  Yes, there was a coach giving sets, kids both doing them and goofing off, but the beauty was in the being within the doing.  It doesn't mean that it wasn't hard or exhausting.  It doesn't mean I wasn't having fun or always making send offs.  What I was, was just me.  I was my deeper self in the pleasure of existence, playing out in the action of swimming, celebrating life.  It really is that simple.

The doorway to stillness, at that time, was swimming.  The muffled quiet under the water accentuated the "just-me" time with my body.  The constant physical movement in a rhythm based on the requirements of the set, brought me further into the stillness.  The set's challenge kept me present in the moment and in my body rather than in my head.  

I have found other doorways to stillness from a cup of tea, to prayer, to meditation, to a walk, to yoga, and even back in the pool where I feel most at home.  Stillness is merely a doorway to yourself.  It can feel scary because of the many thoughts we carry that have clung to us along the way rather than moving through our heads like clouds in the sky.  It can feel uncomfortable because starting something new is always a bit awkward.  It can feel painful, because your deeper self has been yearning for it and you haven't been listening.  Tears can come.  But just like anything, tears cleanse, awkwardness finds a rhythm and distance is found as we learn to observe thoughts.

Look for stillness in the quiet that brings you happiness or joy.  Stillness happens in movement as well as in a stationary body.  But, what it does require is permission giving.  Permission giving for time, permission giving to play in the awkwardness of finding rhythm, permission giving for failure as you walk your journey, permission giving to explore and just observe.

And, sometimes we need other's permission...a good friend to say, "take a risk, I know you will find yourself...what I have found is beautiful!"  If you need that friend, I am here...go for it!  Our shared humanity is found in the life journey that we each take.  Know that I am walking it with you!