The Busyness Trap

Sometimes, my truth doesn't even make it to a precious 15 minutes.  I get caught up in the busyness.  And let me tell you...I have THE story...3 kids, different schools, different schedules, different issues, business building, and it goes on.  I can feel it even as I type, that draining exhaustive, "just keep the engine running a little longer to get more done" feeling.  But.  It doesn't, get more done.  With the increased busyness, the short term ego-satisfaction, comes the ache inside growing larger and my productivity slowing to a crawl.  

I have my trap and I fall in.  But I can also recognize it, feel it, hear it.  And then...I answer.  My answer is...nothing.  Some days, it's a full stop.  Other days, I listen to my desired routine that includes some space in my life for just being with myself.  These answers become my ladder back up and out.  Out into the sunshine of my life where I can breathe and feel.

A place of nothing is when we look to stop adding to our life and just be. Nothing is the water for the soul allowing space to quench a thirst that may have been neglected without understanding why.  If you stop to ponder, even for a few moments, isn't the idea of doing know, putting down the laundry, the report, the list of calls, deeply tantalizing?  

If you are cramming your life full of dates, responsibilities, activities and yet feeling that it is not quite hitting the mark, consider listening to that quiet sense inside.  It is your nudge that your answers are not quite fitting.  THAT is your beginning.  Allow that initial sense to be your starting point of awareness.  Adding the space of nothing enables that beginning place of understanding room to grow.

I allowed my space of nothing to grow by just beginning to get to know myself alone!  It began by sitting down, in undisturbed time, with a cup of tea.  What could you do to just be with your self?  In fact, try introducing yourself to yourself and have a cup of tea, go for a walk, watch the fire burn in your fireplace.  What is it like just to feel your body, consciously feel your chest rise and fall with your breath?  Start there and just see what happens for a few minutes a day.  You might just find an amazing companion in yourself!

The Beauty of Nothing

The beauty in nothing is, at first glance, counter intuitive.  At least to the frenzied YOU.  No worries-I know her well.  And, as I allow myself to come to a stop, I feel her, too.  That stop-it's painful.  So much so that it would be almost easier to get back to it.   Almost.  It's like catching a glance of something out of the corner of your eye, but it is a whisper from inside.  You almost miss it.  It's a whisper of thank you.  It's as if I am catching up with myself.  And really.  I am.  

The Answer Is: Nothing...

Really?!?  But there is so much to be done, reports to write, decisions to be made, meetings to be had, kids to transport, dinner to grab....stillness, really?  And, yet.  When you take a moment in the midst of the frenzy, it can feel delicious and painful at the very same time.   There lies the truth-the fact you can actually -- feel.  That ability to feel is your direction sign inward to the answers that you are really searching for-the ones that lead to your Wisdom, your Truth.  There is deep wealth always there to be discovered.  Claim your Adventure!