Using the Power of Stuck

I know.  I know.  You’ve already written this one off by saying, “been there, done that.”  But have you? We’ve all been stuck, but have you figured out how to use the stuck?

To be stuck is simply to be trapped in something.  While outside on a muddy path that seems to be a part of Spring in Northeast Ohio, that is a very real possibility.  However, I also find myself using it metaphorically when thoughts have simply cornered me in some way that won’t let me move ahead.  

A great place for stuckdom is when trying something new.  You know, pushing your comfort zone.  

I have an amazing and gifted client who counsels children during the day but is also currently crafting a new business as an artist.  She has done the “set up a new business” thing before, but her thoughts are currently crying out, “But this is different!” as she creates a plan and takes her tortoise steps toward living into it. The “but this is different” voice has become not only the edge of her comfort zone but a seemingly unscalable wall blocking her entry into the Frontier of New Possibilities.


Yet, what lions and tigers and bears are we really trying to stay safe from? When the What-ifs of Stuckdom hold more of our imaginative power than our Frontier of New Possibilities, how can we possibly move forward? See if these steps help get you moving:

  1. Recognize that the thoughts in our head are merely that—thoughts.  Say them out loud and inquire into their validity.  Is that thought or thoughts about my new career direction true?  What is it costing me to keep that thought?  Who would I be without that thought?

  2. Move yourself through a “Day In the Life” of your dream.  Take yourself to that moment in time when you are living your dream.  Walk yourself through a full day using all of your senses.  Keep that experience with you and an active part of your dreaming.

  3. Use a vision board to really visualize your life beyond the Frontier of New Possibilities.  Once you’ve let it take shape in your imagination, make it more real by  drawing/cutting out magazine images or even creating a Pinterest board.  Allow the vision board to be your living creation that is a part of your daily life, looking at it regularly and letting it inspire you.  Feel free to add or subtract as you move forward.  Allow it to energize you!

  4. Claim nourishment and community!  Self-care is always vital and even more so when we are birthing something new in our life.  Attend to your bodily needs: eat healthy, sleep fully, and treat your body when celebrations – even small ones – are met!  Let your community support you in your growth!  We are all here on this planet for a reason – let it be about growing and supporting one another!!

This thing called Life…it is a journey.  But, we are all on it together.  We all share the reality of a comfort zone that we have to push out of in order to grow. Being stuck recognizes that the potential for your growth is right ahead.  

Embrace the stuck because it is your signal that new possibilities exist! Let your thoughts move you to inquire about your truth. Spend time fleshing out your dream so you can really see it.  Care for your body and the connection that we each need for forward movement, which is ultimately, one another.  

So, go find your stuck place and celebrate.  Your new possibilities are just ahead!