"I was amazed at how beneficial the process was in a very short period of time.  I was able to come to a place of clarity fast, which was exactly what I was looking for.  The time was incredibly well spent and allowed me to walk away with a renewed sense of serenity about my choices."

Jacqueline Taylor, Vail, Colorado

"I chose to take a seemingly non-traditional approach to my current career search. Rather than take the road most traveled by seeking a position that felt most comfortable, Jeannine coached me to identify attributes about a career that invigorated me. Through this process and fairly regular meetings with Jeannine, I feel more brave, more confident and much more focused. This is in large part because we actually documented my deepest self (strengths, talents, interests, passions, hopes for Cleveland) and how I might be able to align my job search with one of Cleveland's deepest needs (job creation). Her coaching process has been very fulfilling and exciting and has led me onto paths that I never would have taken without her.  Because of this process, I have found and explored opportunities that did not even exist.  I have had conversations with companies that have been life-giving for both ends.  Previously, I have found the traditional job search to feel very heavy and dark.  With Jeannine’s coaching, the experience has been elevated, hopeful and positive."   

Vikki Nowak. Cleveland Heights, OH




"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jeannine in a co-creative coaching relationship since January 2010.  Jeannine is a truly genuine and thoughtful person with an innate ability to listen and empathize, while at the same time, encouraging me forward in my desired path.  I am grateful to have her in my corner during this journey through life and career."  

Nancy S.
Coach and Corporate Professional

“Jeannine helped me clarify my thoughts in a way that instilled courage to move ahead with a difficult decision. She sincerely has the gift to listen, discern, and inspirit. I continue to draw from her energy when I am feeling uncertain in thought.”

- Laurie Logan,Cleveland Heights, OH


"Jeannine is a natural coach. She truly knows how to tune in to my goals and explore the possibilities. I am inspired by her purposeful presence, compassion, and commitment to my vision. Her insights are truly empowering, helping me uncover, believe in, and live my purpose."

 - Katie Spotts World-record holder