You Don't Have To Do
This Thing Called "Life" Alone

So, what is coaching anyway?

Great question! It is possible that as a child or as a young adult, you experienced good coaching as a member of a sports team, a music ensemble or individually. Or perhaps, you experienced it in relationship with a great teacher as she or he guided you toward deeper understanding of material that you knew you could own!

A coach is someone who helps you to reach into the best of yourself, shows you what that best is, and helps you to develop it/grow it into it’s greatest potential. 

What about the rest – that darker stuff, the stuff I’d rather leave in bed when I wake up? 

Well, it is certainly a part of you.  You can’t be you without it, so we get the privilege of finding the gifts in all aspects of you and deepen the understanding of how it all works together! And yet, there is stuff that is simply unexamined. We will hold it up, look at it in the light and learn how it can let go of us!  Honestly, it is empowering play!

We will also focus on what is working, celebrate it and build on it.  If you don’t know what you want, we’ll explore that.  If you do know, then I will guide you as you make new choices and create new habits. 

Bottom line

You don’t have to do this thing called life alone, but what each of us has to do is take responsibility for ourselves by taking action on our own behalf.  

Who are the women you work with?  What are their stories?   

Through our unique gifts, skills and talents we can create an incredible world-wide symphony.  It is in recognizing our common experiences and claiming our personal courage that bring us into community, create connection, and open us to learning and growth.  Below are a few of the women that I have been with on the journey and what we did together...

She is active and moving fast...the kids, the home, the career, juggling it all!  She gives of her time in and after school...the list is endless.   Bottom line, she is exhausted.  A cup of coffee with the right friend lessens the dull ache inside, but it comes back a little too quickly and even a little sharper once the rejuvenated energy wears off.  In the midst of the chaos, she finds herself asking, "what the hell is going on?"  

I work with her to walk her back into her life, give her the tools to listen and respond, turn the feeling of pain into one of lightness and joy and help her find and name her direction as she moves in and through her life.

She committed herself to growing that amazing family.  She moved her career to a slower pace to give what she needed and wanted to nurture her family in a way that felt consistent with her values.  Now it is time.  She feels the agitation as well as other emotions--excitement, trepidation,curiosity-speaking to her, "how do I dial it back up now that I am ready?"  "Can I do it?"  "What if I can't?"  It is as if the moment she wants to move, she is being pulled to a standstill.

We work together to claim her transition, name her direction and get her ready for a new launch.

"The job I have now simply doesn't fit!"  "Whatever I am doing in this search, is not working!"  These are the words that capture her journey.  The feelings of frustration and confusion culminate in a sense of being stuck.  

We work together to determine what she is looking for and create a plan to make it happen.  We find a deeper place inside from which to move her search that allows it to be both fun and meaningful.  It becomes a place of gratitude.


Forward movement demands your presence.