How do we work together?

As a coach, I work with you to challenge and open yourself to your possibilities. I will listen closely and actively, respond to what I hear, and ask questions.  Often, it is the small moments that bring about big shifts.  

You will also learn how to listen to yourself!  Through the development of deeper awareness comes the ability to be present in your life and to act in accordance with the rhythms and desires of your life.  

I will be your accountability partner, honoring you with honesty, celebration, curiosity, challenge and support.  The key is working with you so you don't loose track of your desires, hopes and dreams in the midst of everything and everyone that are pulling at you.  Our conversations will be held in confidence.

As the client, you will claim our time together as Yours. In preparation, bring your curiosity, your fears, your excitement, and your questions.  Be present to play, to challenge and to grow!  

Some questions to get you thinking include:

  • Where is your growing edge?
  • What is causing you pain?
  • Where do the pieces of your life not quite fit like you want?
  • What are you looking for to move you forward?

How do we begin our session?

Finally something that actually moves with your flow, your schedule, your reality! Our sessions are accomplished on the phone or in person. Sessions last an hour. It will become 60 minutes of breathing space, focused-time, and forward movement better enabling you to live the life you want!