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The Plum Blossom


Interestingly, I have found having a symbol of something seemingly counter-intuitive has helped snap me into new places of hope and possibility. Having a visual representation of such a symbol can help one, in a simple, yet effective way, to embrace one’s dreams.

For me, that Symbol is the Plum Blossom:
The Flower of the Plum or Ume Tree. 

The plum blossom is a delicate beauty that defines its uniqueness by blooming in the dead of winter, while there is still snow on the branches of the tree. 

Who would ever consider placing “delicate,” “bloom,” “dead of winter,” and “snow” in the same sentence? 

And yet, there it is! 

The blossom reflects breathtaking beauty in its delicate, five-petals of elegance; strength, determination and vitality in a time traditionally associated with hibernation; and supreme perseverance as it overcomes the reality of the winter elements. To me, the plum blossom represents hopeful thinking, strength in meeting adversity, and resilience in answering the difficult times.  It screams possibility and hope for every woman out there!

  • What symbol serves to awaken your desire for growth and opens you to new possibilities?
  • What image captures your identity, your hopes, your uniqueness?
  • How does your symbol empower your dreams and possibilities?