Preparations for Life's Tsunami!


Make this your offer... say whatever you want....


Preparations for Life’s Tsunami!

Checklist & Worksheet


  1. Put Your O2 Mask on First!

 What does this mean?  You cannot be there for others until you are there for yourself.

Step 1:  Ground yourself by Claiming Your Day before you engage with the world….whether it is kids, husband, partner, work…whatever!  Make the conscious choice of how you want to enter your day and what you want to claim in it:

§  Examples of how to Claim Your Day:

{C}·      Get into the shower first – quiet & warm “me” time and set a daily intention of how you want to be in the world with family, friends or colleagues.

{C}·      Go to a Masters swim practice, for a run/walk or stretch with yoga.  Set an intention for being with those who cross your path.

{C}·      Have a cup of coffee or tea in the quiet and curl up with your journal to dump the thoughts that are already spinning.  Then, set your intention for how you want to be present in your day.

§  Step 2:  Name it and Claim it.  Give yourself permission to explore different approaches.  Commit to 4 days of follow thru.


Day 1:  _________________________________________________________

Day 2:  _________________________________________________________

Day 3:  _________________________________________________________

Day 4:  _________________________________________________________


§  Step 3:  Reflection.  Take 5 minutes to reflect at the end of your day in a written or electronic  journal.  Give yourself permission to use what you have available.  For example, print out this sheet and divide it in 4 sections or grab an old notebook or find 4 sheets of binder paper and staple together or use the notes section on your phone or iPad.  Then, ask yourself the following questions:


{C}·      How did “Claiming Your Day” move you forward?

{C}·      Where did you find success and challenge with your intention setting?

{C}·      What is your hope for tomorrow?


§  Step 4:  Celebrate.  You have created space in your life for awareness of your life.  Celebrate that in some simple but fun way and…WASH & REPEAT!  Claim an approach and do it again for another 4 days.  J

{C}·      Celebration Suggestions:

{C}·      Buy or cut some flowers for your nightstand.

{C}·      Buy a new app for your phone or a new pen for your journal.

{C}·      Set a date with a friend for a cup of coffee or a run!






{C}o   What does this mean??  If you COMPARE your insides – thoughts, feelings, emotions – to someone else’s outsides – a smile, a snazzy dress, laughter – you fail to take into account that person’s deeper situation. 


{C}o   The Reality:  you have gotten lost in someone else’s life and forgotten your own WHY around your choices.


{C}o   TAKE 10:  Reflection Exercise


§  Step 1:  Notice in yourself:

{C}·      What personal actions are nudging at you to be taken in your own life when you feel drawn to someone else’s business?

{C}·      Finish the following sentence:  When I am drawn to __________________’s business, I am thinking about my own __________________________________


Don’t judge this statement, just notice.


§  Step 2:  Know in yourself:

{C}·      Name your original choice around the above statement and write a brief statement on the “why” you made it. __________________________________________________________________________________






§  Step 3:  A Beginning Step Forward:  What next step is calling to you to begin the process of re-affirming or claiming a new examination of a choice or choices?

{C}·      Name It and Claim it:


{C}·      Upon reflection, if the above step feels overwhelming, STOP and CUT the step in half.  Keep halving it until it feels truly doable.  This is Tortoise Stepping.  Remember, that Aesop’s fable with the Tortoise and the Hare?  She left self-judgment at the starting line and took it one step at a time!! 

{C}·      Breaking it down into Tortoise Steps: 

{C}§  __________________________

{C}§  __________________________

{C}§  __________________________

{C}§  __________________________









{C}o   Juggling and Celebrating are opposite ends of the extreme of how we approach the choices we make in our lives.


{C}o   “Juggling” in one’s life consists of moving through the many activities “on-the-list” of one’s life with a very short-term, frantic survival mentality.  In the juggling mode of operating, we have lost our connection to our choices.  The activities have become merely a list of “have-to’s” or “must-do’s” that must be checked off to move onto the next item.


{C}o   “Celebrating” in one’s life consists of recognizing that our activities are conscious choices that we have made.  It enables the “connection-to-the-why” that we held about the choice in the first place.


{C}o   Celebrating in one’s life recognizes that each choice entails beginnings, middles and ends.  It also requires space within and between one’s choices that offers time to REFLECT and RECHARGE.


{C}o   Claiming the Celebration:


§  Step 1:  Name an upcoming Celebration:   ________________________________________


§  Step 2:  Claim Reflection Time.  Depending on the celebration, create space before, during and after to reflect how the activity connects to the value and role that you hold as important.


{C}·      Example:  Take 10 with a cup of tea to reflect on why you have claimed it as important and how it connects to your values and a role you carry.   Or, this could be done on a run, or a walk with the dog throughout the life of the activity.

Beginning Reflection Date & How Executed:  _________________________________

Midpoint Reflection Date & How Executed:   _________________________________

Ending Reflection Date & How Executed:       _________________________________


§  Step 3:  Claim Recharge Time.  Every celebration asks for the space to recharge your internal batteries.  Recharging is as varied as the celebrations!  This is about care for the self and can take the form of reclaiming your oxygen mask, to reconnecting to another one of your roles as partner or friend that had been moved to the side, or even taking a nap!


{C}·      What does your Recharge Time look like after the above Celebration: