My passion is to awaken you to your greatest self,
thus enabling you to embrace your chosen celebrations…
your career, your family, your life, and the many other involvements
that you have claimed in your life! 

The Bridging of Authenticity and Branding:

Introduction to Personal Branding for Career Advancement


A foundational workshop that provides a solid understanding of the value of personal branding in one's career advancement.  You will be able to:

  • Understand and appreciate how a strong personal brand provides you with professional opportunities,
  • Recognize the 3 key attributes of a strong  brand,
  • Identify the 3 steps to creating your personal brand, and
  • Take away worksheets and resources for uncovering and implementing your brand.

Upon registration, you will receive a Personal Branding Checklist to help you build and implement your personal brand!  

This free Cleveland workshop is a collaboration between myself and Dumont Owen of Radically Rewarding Careers.

Join us!


"Quick Hit" Workshops:
Jiffy Lube for your Life! 

Just like getting the scheduled maintenance done on your car keep it runing smoothly, taking the time to do some maintenance for yourself will head off major repairs down the road! 

I've created three super simple but super helpful lunchtime workshops for all of the busy women who don't have time for themselves. These are recorded calls, so you can listen to them whenever it's convenient for you, plus get some tools to help keep you going. 


The First Quick Hit Workshops are:

Surviving Life’s Tsunami

The Secrets of Real-Life Journaling

Making Friends With Your Lizard Brain


What Past Workshop Participants Have Said:


“This is a perfect starting point for moving towards the life you want to live.”

“Wow!  I really enjoyed the materials, the insights, and especially the shared feedback, ideas, wisdom of the group.”


“Jeannine has a very sincere and open presence making it easy to be honest with yourself.”

  “What an experience!  I am coming away with such a feeling of energy and optimism about my own power in my life.”

“This workshop really helped me take a conscious look at what I want and need in my life.”

“Having the time for myself was lovely.  Having new tools to help me was fabulous.”

“Illustrated for me that I need to set aside time each day or the things that are important to me won’t get time.”